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Laura is a proud Mom of two beautiful kids living fun, busy and active lives. Living with mBC, Laura doesn’t shy away from sharing her story, nor does she shy away from living her life – whether that’s cheering at her children’s sporting events, picking up a new hobby in sewing, taking trips with her family, or getting matching tattoos with her best friends.

Laura Montgomery
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“Don’t water down your excitement about anything. Period. This doesn’t mean ‘sugar-coating’ the realities of mBC, but rather figuring out what’s important to you, what gets you excited, and finding ways to honour those things as much as possible.”

mBC Moments

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When diagnosed with mBC, Mei-Lin went into autopilot mode, but then she realized what was most important to her.


Michelle is focused on sharing her story to bring more awareness to the experience of BIPOC individuals living with mBC.


Jeff’s wife, Samantha, passed away of mBC, and Jeff was there for her every step of the way.