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Not only is living with mBC different for everyone, but so is the experience of those caring for their loved ones. Jeff’s wife, Samantha, passed away of mBC, and Jeff was there for her every step of the way. Together, they found moments special and unique to Samantha, including founding Turning the Page on Cancer, an annual fundraising campaign that continues to support the mBC community in a way that was authentically Samantha.

Jeff Mitchell
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“When Samantha was diagnosed, it was confusing. As a caregiver, what do I say? How do I comfort her? How do I honour her experience in a way that was authentic to her and what she needed and wanted? Being able to talk about it openly with Sam, as well as her care team, helped us figure out how we wanted to approach mBC and making the most, together.”

mBC Moments

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When diagnosed with mBC, Mei-Lin went into autopilot mode, but then she realized what was most important to her.


Michelle is focused on sharing her story to bring more awareness to the experience of BIPOC individuals living with mBC.


Laura doesn’t shy away from sharing her story, nor does she shy away from living her life.